Carlos Pericás

Carlos Pericás


It was born as a game. What would happen if two photographs by different authors lived together in the same frame? From this premise, Pericás begins to gather photographs from different authors, some with similar approaches to the medium, others just the opposite. His composite images are a mixture of classic authors from various decades, top-level contemporary photographers and novel authors. The union, according to Pericás, is totally subjective and intuitive, as if it materialised a predestined photographic union. This mission of “celestino”, and a meticulous work of retouching, culminates with the generation of a new image: a perfectly fitted us.

This union is what highlights the most important issues of the project. On the one hand, the artistic creation from the appropriation of already existing images. And, on the other hand, the claim that stems from this: the possibility of creating without producing new images. A claim that is not new, that we have already seen and read in numerous exhibitions, books and photobooks, but that in this project enters a new territory. Pericás not only appropriates the images, but also the name of their authors, generating a new universe of shared authorship. In doing so, he manages to address new issues and put his finger on the pulse: he questions the artistic-social role of the author, the creation of visual identity and style, and the re-interpretation of the icons of the collective imagination.

Carlos Pericás has developed this project by involving the authors of the works from the beginning and making the game he proposes explicit. Its sole purpose is to raise questions about the above issues, in no way is it a lucrative project.

Paco Navamuel + Aleix Plademunt + Carlos Pericás

Roc Herms + Laia Abril + Carlos Pericás

Txema Salvans + Ricardo Cases + Carlos Pericás

Bego Antón + Cristina de Middle + Carlos Pericás

Ignasi López + Jordi Ruiz Cirera + Carlos Pericás

Daido Moriyama + Daniel S. Álvarez + Carlos Pericás

Harry Callaghan + Román Yñán + Carlos Pericás

Henry Cartier Bresson + Joan Colom + Carlos Pericás

Jon Uriarte + Salvador López + Carlos Pericás

Daniel Mayrit + Mishka Henner + Carlos Pericás

Martin Parr + Carlos Albalá + Carlos Pericás

Xavier Ribes + Antonio M. Xounoba + Carlos Pericás

Alec Soth + Yosigo + Carlos Pericás

Israel Ariño + Jon Cazenave + Carlos Pericás

Rafael Arocha + Roger Guaus + Carlos Pericás

Miguel A. Tornero + Julián Barón + Carlos Pericás

Óscar Monzón + Juan Diego Valera + Carlos Pericás

Irving Penn + Helmut Newton + Carlos Pericás

Gustavo Alemán + Carlos Spottorno + Carlos Pericás

Joan Fontcuberta + Toni Amengual + Carlos Pericás

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